• Over the last 8 years I have been coaching SME Business Owners, leveraging my 35+ years experience and success in the international business environment.
  • My coaching has predominantly been in the mechanical/electrical/industrial engineering/automation space with a range of programs designed to deliver company growth – whether at home or in international markets.
  • This work has often resulted in my helping the wider team, in addition to the business owners.
  • As a direct result I have developed a program which is deliberately targeted at the younger “Rising Stars” (typically the Under 35’s); and where I believe there is a clear need and a gap in the market for a relevant and dynamic program that resonates with this generations ways of learning and engaging.


The following provides an overview on the objectives, program content, features and benefits:

Program Objectives

  • To increase the skills, expertise and all-round business acumen of potential (or exisiting) lead managers in companies that are serious about growth and with export interest.
  • To help motivate and keep the “Rising Stars, ” by demonstrating through this program that that the company is willing to invest in them and their future development.
  • To progressively increase the participants understanding of what it takes to run (and possibly own) a business; to look at different disciplines and to better understand the owners perspective.
  • To provide a forum for quality discussion, sharing and networking between the participants with their industry peers – at home and international.
  • To provide practical, real-world, effective learning and assistance at a group and one on one individual level.
  • To keep the business owner or immediate manager appraised of the participants progress.


Key Features

  • On-line based, 11 month program.
  • Maximum of 10 participants in a Group; to provide quality time for discussion and ease of building relationships.
  • Groups to have participants from similar industries/professions.
  • 2 Live Webinars a month to Group participants.
  • First monthly Live Webinar to cover a ‘Set Piece’ topic (see content list below) with one or two assignments/homework (expect say an hour or two). Typical duration for each Webinar = 30 – 60 minutes. Video content, assignments to be downloaded and available to revisit.
  • Second monthly Live Webinar to provide for group discussion and sharing on the monthly topic, plus opportunity for ‘Open Play’ general discussion. Typical duration = 2 hours.
  • Internet based forum for further group engagement – e.g Facebook Business closed group, LinkedIn group, etc; facilitated by Neil.
  • Monthly one on one Q&A Skype/Zoom conference call with each participant to clarify any matters; check on progress; answer questions etc. Duration = up to 45 minutes.
  • Monthly one on one with Business Owner or immediate manager, to keep appraised of progress.


Program Content = monthly Webinar modules covering:

  • The Business Model
    • to understand what a Business Model is; the key parts of the jigsaw; the key considerations; and to consider what is what is working well and what needs to be addressed in the business.
  • Vision, Goals, Core Values
    • To provide the core foundations for growth.
  • Product/Service Offering
    • to be truly market driven; to catch up; leap-frog; and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Target Market Selection
    • to look closely at current market choice(s) to validate & improve the business
    • To look at how one may expand market choices – for better margin/less risk/sustainable growth.
  • Distribution Models
    • To consider the options; select or refine appropriate model(s); and make serious in-roads into target markets with channels that are motivated & work!
  • Sales & Marketing
    • To position and secure targeted customers and work; gain base load and momentum; with sensible pricing strategies.
  • Financial Management
    • To understand the essentials: cash flow, reading the P&L; how to put together a budget etc
  • Funding
    • To understand the various options, pros & cons
  • Key Performance Indicators
    • To get a grip on the key factors that need to be monitored, how and when – for the owner to get a ‘good nights sleep!’
  • Systems
    • To understand what systems are necessary, the options, key considerations.
  • HR
    • To understand the fundamentals: growing and managing a high performing team, managing stress, conflict & dispute resolution etc
  • Time Management; Work/Life Balance
    • Techniques & key considerations to achieve the ‘holy grail!’

Key Benefits

  • All round business development for the “Rising Star’ to equip them to move into increasing areas of management responsibility.
  • Motivate and retain the “Rising Star”
  • Aligns with Succession Planning.



  • A monthly charge will be applicable (available on request).
  • In the unlikely event the participant/company is not gaining value, the program can be ended at any time.
  • Invoiced monthly in advance for payment 20th month.


Next Steps

I will be delighted to have an exploratory conversation and provide further information. So please take a few seconds, go to the Contact Page on this site and make contact. Alternatively, drop me a message when the “Chat Box” pops up on the site! (You will not have to provide your email address)


Samples of what others have to Say!

“Coming into business development and management from an engineering background meant at times I have found myself beyond my depth. Neil’s expertise is really in taking what seems to be a complex and uncertain path forward, and defining a series of simple steps we can take to reach the next point in our journey. He does not spoon-feed the answers or use confusing jargon; the focus is on equipping us so we can lead the business.

We have found working with Neil to be really valuable and motivating, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to other businesses.”

Tim Brown – Business Development Manager – Motion Design Ltd

” I had the pleasure of working with Neil as my Business Coach for over a year when I was the General Manager at Aleph Ltd, before leaving for overseas travels. Neil is a great coach, with huge experience of what it really takes to develop people and the business. His style is relaxing, motivational and highly practical. As a young and relatively new General Manager he really did help to develop my skills and all-round appreciation of the different business disciplines. It is important to be able to relate to your coach, so for younger staff looking to develop their management skills and become business leaders, I really do feel that Neil’s program is great!”

Katya Curran – former General Manager – Aleph Ltd

“I have been working with Neil for a year now. We met through a govt funding scheme called ATEED,  and we have made good adjustments to our business here and there. Neil is good to work with and likes to crack a joke now and then. I am working through his on-line program at the moment and I have been able to put what I have learned into action immediately. Thanks, heaps Neil you are awesome !! :)”
Elijah Manson – Auckland – Multifit