Next Live Webinar – “Essentials to grow your SME business at home or in Export Markets”.”

November 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Next Live Webinar – “Essentials to grow your SME business at home or in Export Markets”.”

Are you a “Sitting Duck” … or are you comfortable that you are targeting the right markets; with the right products or services; with the right distribution model; with sales & marketing strategies that work; with a scaleable sustainable business?


Get another perspective on what works. Join Neil for a Live Webinar on either 29th or 30th November: ” Grow my business at home or in Export Markets – The Essentials for SME Business Owners.” 

Benefit from Neil’s 30+ years of international experience of significantly growing SME companies!

He promises to provide a commonsense approach, with practical help, and a number of comments to make you think!


The webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes to one hour and here’s what you can expect.

1. We will look at your Business Model and Planning Platform:

To consider the key components of your ‘jigsaw’, recognizing there is no one silver bullet. While there is a need for focus, you need to be looking at the wider picture, the implications of your choices and the priorities; and the importance of using a robust dynamic planning platform that captures your “Focus Areas” and can be shared, delegated and easily monitored and fine-tuned.

2. We will look at your Market Selection:

To explore the important considerations regarding whether you are currently targeting the right market(s); or whether (and how) you should consider expanding or refining your market choices – for better margin/less risk/sustainable growth.

3. We look at your Product/Service offering:

To catch up; leap-frog; and stay ahead of the competition. Bottom-line: Are you are truly market driven, or staying within your comfort zone or sphere of ignorance?

4. We look at your Distribution Model:

Having great product/service and target market selection is all well and good! But what are the various channel options/routes to market? We consider the pros and cons of the different options to help you review, select or refine your model – all with a view to making serious in-roads into your target markets with channels that are motivated & work for you!

5. We look at your Sales & Marketing:

So you have effective channels to market. But how about practical sales & marketing strategies and activities which are designed to position and secure targeted customers and work; gain base load and momentum; with sensible pricing strategies?

6. We look at your Capability & Capacity for sustained growth:

Great, your sales are increasingly coming in the door! But how do you stay ahead of the game with your funding requirements for growth and financial management; operations; human resource; and systems: all critical to support increasing levels of sales.


To register for this webinar go to the Events Page on this site.

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