So why would you need a Business Coach !

October 14, 2017 / Comments Off on So why would you need a Business Coach !

My aim here is not to sing my own virtues, but to provide some food for thought based on my last 8 years working as a Business Coach with a variety of SME companies, at varying stages of development – from start ups looking to commercialize, through to more established businesses who are looking to springboard to the next level.

It may be difficult to measure direct benefits to the bottom-line, but my experience points to the following key benefits of working with a Business Coach. And don’t just listen to me, have a gander at what others say on the Testimonial Page of this website!

Key Benefits

1. Good Coaching allows leaders/owners to:
  • Be more accountable. You may well know what needs to be done, but the follow through is often lacking!
  • Gain better results, save on cost and reduce risk. The ‘lone wolf’ can cost a lot more in wasted time and dollars, and there are always those pot holes on the journey!
  • Access an objective & fresh point of view; a neutral non-political stance.
  • Access a confident to talk with, share your concerns, bounce your ideas off, etc
  • Introduce, champion and embrace much needed change.
  • Recognize new competencies the business needs.
  • Think and plan more strategically, to manage risks more effectively & to better create & communicate vision and goals.
  • Recognize weak links in the business & develop strategies to strengthen these – all to gain and sustain momentum – for the individual & organization.
  • Align personal commitments & actions.
  • Align team members with the vision & goals.
  • Reflect on the leaders of tomorrow & prepare them for the challenge.
  • Develop team spirit & unity, including helping others expand their levels of responsibility, initiative & creativity.
  • Improve relationships.


 2.  Digging Deeper

A good Business Coach will be the catalyst for:


  •  Improved job satisfaction, staff commitment & loyalty.


  • Reduced conflict, stress & tension.


  • Less management & staff derailment.


  • Improved communications; vital for any serious business.


  • Improved interpersonal skills.


  • Developing a culture of trust & personal responsibility within the business and externally with customers, your life blood.


  • Enabling managers to use power more effectively.


  • Opening up new opportunities for learning & development.


  • Access to specialist knowledge, skills & abilities.


  • Developing a supportive, coaching culture across the business – with key personnel adopting a coaching role.


3.  So let’s touch on Coaching Sessions ‘On – Line’

I am finding that using the likes of Skype and other similar services works really well with my coaching clients. In particular:


  • The time-zones for talking with my clients in Australia, UK and North America are not really a problem.


  • The technology is simple to use and works well – being able to see each other ( with ‘mug shots’), screen sharing of document topics, etc


  • Our meetings are very focused


  • We do not lose much with lack of real ‘face to face’ body language. Hey, we can hear each other and see our facials!


  • On-line sessions reach out to wherever you are (with a decent internet connection), and cut down on travel time and hence cost.


So there you have it. If you are struggling, think outside of the box or your comfort zone, and reach out for an exploratory conversation!




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