Live Webinar – 12th September – Serious about your Sales & Marketing, or a ‘Sitting Duck’?

August 29, 2017 / Comments Off on Live Webinar – 12th September – Serious about your Sales & Marketing, or a ‘Sitting Duck’?

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Time to target the right markets;

with the right distribution model;

and with sales & marketing strategies that work?


I want to let you know about a Live Webinar that I am running to explore in greater depth the Sales & Marketing component of my Growthology program – a topic that is a key priority for many of my business coaching clients; whether they are a relative start-up, or a more seasoned player.

So, if you feel that you are struggling against the current; not making headway with your sales and margins; and fighting to keep the competition at bay – then this Webinar will certainly help you.

The Webinar will run on 12th September

To accommodate international time-zones; optional Webinar times are provided.

So follow this link to register.You will not be disappointed!

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We will explore:

  • Whether you are currently targeting the right market(s)


  • Important considerations, should you consider to target alternative or additional markets


  • Distribution Model options: pros & cons; working with agents/distributors, etc


  • Sales & Marketing strategies & activity to improve your situation


  • A snapshot of the full 10 week “Growthology” Program where we dig deeper into the key aspects across your wider Business Model and develop a Growth Plan tailored to grow your business, whether at home or in export markets.

Benefit from my years of experience running small & medium sized companies; strategically positioning and winning targeted work.

Use the Webinar content to thoroughly review your situation; and to assess the strategies and activity needed to move forward for clear direction, focus and improved results.

I look forward to seeing you at the Webinar!




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