• need fresh ideas, solutions & improved results?
  • need a leading business coach with real experience to provide one on one help through the growth and change process ?
  • working long hours; with limited support & expertise?
  • lacking clear direction & focus; coming up short on your expectations?
  • operating with too low a margin and/or unacceptable risk?
  • failing to win targeted business?
  • frustrated; feeling that it is all too hard; there must be a better way?

If so, then the 12 week Growthology Gold Program is For You



Growthology is a culmination of my career over 30 years working in the international environment with SME companies at various levels, including as a Business Coach, CEO, GM, and variety of commercial mid management roles in my earlier years.

Primary Outcome

Within 12 weeks you will have a realistic, tailored and focused Growth Plan; you will quickly gain traction; you will progressively knock over those challenges; and you will have ongoing help to achieve your goals.

How We Work Together

The Growthology Gold Program is on-line based, allowing you to work at your own pace, wherever your business is located.

With a click of your mouse you download and work through the series of videos, extensive slides packed with guidance and content, checklists, key considerations, and short assignments that do not take too much time to relate the content to your particular business.

Opt for the lot, or choose the Modules which are relevant, download and Pay As You Go.

The Growthology Gold Program provides the additional benefit of one on one Q&A sessions with Neil for each of the Program modules, so we can clarify any content as it specifically relates to your business.

Participants also have the opportunity to join monthly group webinar discussion where we discuss, clarify and share.

So work at your own pace to progressively develop, capture and action a realistic, tailored and focused Growth Plan for your business.

Gain traction, and knock over those challenges!

Save on time sifting through information overload that is out there on the internet. ‘Cut to the Chase’ with this step by step package, developed by a practitioner who has ‘been there and done that’!

Program Content, with options

Module 1 = Business Model Review

This is the first Module in the Program , where we review the key areas of your Business Model (‘jigsaw) to see what is working well and to identify “Focus Areas” that need priority attention moving forward as we progressively develop and roll-out your business Growth Plan.

M2 & M3 = Your Vision, Goals, Core Values & Planning Platform.

In Modules 2 & 3 we explore your Vision, Realistic Goals, and Core Values – all essential for a firm foundation for your Business Growth Plan.

We further delve into your Planning Platform, to ensure you are organized to deliver on your Growth Plan.

Our aim is to provide a platform tool that captures, ignites, monitors, fine-tunes, shares, & delegates the actions required under your Growth Plan as you progressively work through the different Modules in the Program.

We want the Growth Plan to be really dynamic and not a plan that sits of the shelf gathering dust!

We will not throw out any existing or previous plans, but have a good look at them; refresh them; and incorporate the elements that are relevant into a dynamic planning tool that provides focus, tracking, and sensible accountability.

M4 = Your Product/Service Offering.

In this fourth Module, we look closely at you Market Offering – your product/services.

We pragmatically review your Value Proposition and whether you are truly meeting your customer needs; and we look at product development initiatives or perhaps introducing new products or services – all to be truly market driven; to catch up if needed; leap-frog; and stay ahead of the competition.

M5 = Your Market Selection.

In this fifth Module, we explore your current market choices – what markets you are targeting and how they are performing. We also consider the need and process for refining your choices and possibly expanding into new markets, whether at home or export – for better margin/less risk/sustainable growth.

M6 = Your Distribution Model.

In this sixth Module, we delve into the topic of how you get your product or service to your target market(s) – your distribution channels.

We consider the various options and their advantages and disadvantages; particularly from a risk, control and cost perspective.

We explore how your current arrangements are performing.

We also cover the process for finding and negotiating sound commercial arrangements with agents and distributors.

With this Module our underlying objectives are to help you select or refine appropriate model(s); and make serious in-roads into target markets with channels that are motivated & work for you!

M7 = Your Sales & Marketing.

Module 7 covers the area of Sales & Marketing, which we all know is critical for a growing business!

We look at how well you are tracking; and explore possible additional or alternative strategies and activity to improve your sales performance.

Our fundamental objective is to identify and capture in your Growth Plan strategies and activity that is required to help you position and secure targeted customers and work; gain base load and momentum; all with sensible pricing strategies.

M8 = Your Capability & Capacity Development for Growth.

Our final Module looks at how to be ahead of the game with your funding requirements for growth and financial management; operations; human resource; and systems: all critical to support the increasing levels of sales that your Growth Plan will deliver!


Sample Content


For sample snippets of different Modules content, visit http://globalise.co.nz/growthology-sample-content/

More Benefits


  • Accessibility: wherever you are, you will be able to work at a sensible pace, with flexibility: allowing you to work both on & in your business.


  • Access Neil for One on One help with Q&A sessions as we work through the Modules.


  • High probability of Government grant for up to 50% of the Program Costs


  • We stretch but with a high dose of reality.


  • Quickly gain clarity of direction, and identify the Focus Areas for attention across your business model.


  • Practical and effective strategies and activity.


  • Visibility, ownership and responsibilities across your team as appropriate.


  • A live planning and working document, integrated with the wider team. This will not be a one off workshop, full of great intention but with limited follow-up.


  • ‘Keep your finger on the pulse’ with key performance indicators that you need for ‘a good nights’ sleep’! This will provide for greater accountability at all levels (including your own performance!)


  • Better manage and run your team – with the ‘right people in the right chairs’, motivated and performing well;  helping with any succession planning that may be in place or to come.


  • Validate your current market choice(s), and if needed, you will put in place a program to enter new markets, possibly including export.


  • Structure and negotiate commercially sound deals for agents and distributors.


  • Access Government R&D funding where appropriate.


  • Chances of success and time to market for new product ideas will be greatly enhanced.


Pricing and ‘Pay as You Go’

The cost of this Program at NZ$450 per Module is extremely competitive.  For those that work through all the Modules this will cost NZ$3150, a low price for a high return investment.

Further great news is that participants are  highly likely to qualify for Government funding.

Money Back Guarantee !!!

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the program you will be entitled for a refund, providing you have fully participated in Module assignments. So what are you waiting for!

Some testimonials on what others have to say!

“Neil was my CEO of Glidepath Group for 6 years from 1997 to 2003, an extremely high growth and successful period for my company. Highlights were:


– his strategic approach to reposition our company to be  a lead supplier and contractor in target markets with expert turnkey capability in our field of designers, manufacturers and installers of airport baggage handling and security systems in a global market.


– under Neil’s leadership we entered new markets in South America and Canada. Neil displayed his expertise in sales and marketing, high level negotiating and contracting a number of milestone projects at Vancouver, Toronto, Santiago and a whole string of other lesser but important airports. 

– During his tenure he set us up for continuing international growth and success.

I can recommend Neil as an extremely competent marketing and exporting executive.”

Sir Ken Stevens KNZM – Chairman – Glidepath Limited

” I have been working with Neil on his 12 Week Growthology program, and can honestly say that I wish I had done something similar a long time ago. The on-line approach works great for me with plenty of flexibility and the program really gives me both direction and focus. It is not too time consuming for me and really digs into the aspects of my business that matter. Plus, the weekly catch up’s Q&A sessions with Neil are great to clarify any matters and to help keep me on track. Every time I talk with Neil I seem to walk away with another gold nugget and inspired.”

Barry Goodey – CEO – Goodham Services Ltd

“Neil is an extremely capable and proven leader in his field. Over a 3 year period, Neil was my General Manager/Vice President for North America, responsible for developing our strategic and operational approach – all resulting in winning our first projects in the North American market. Additionally, Neil took the lead role in positioning our company, negotiating and winning a multi-million dollar project in a related but new sector market for us in NZ. He is highly experienced; he inspires, and he delivers! “

Pat Teo – CEO BCS Group

“We brought Neil into our business in an advisory role about 18 months ago. Initially helping us to develop a 5 year strategic plan, he is now assisting us in executing it. His experience with taking NZ business to the world has been invaluable as we develop our export plan and take our business to the world.. Neil is a good fit with our organisation as his straight up and his no BS attitude is refreshing. I would recommend Neil and his “Growthology” program to anyone looking to expand their business internationally.”

Mike Hannah – Owner & Managing Director – Stormwater360

“Before we started working with Neil, we were far too broad in our approach and lacked focus. We were trying to get our product into many markets throughout the world, and as a relatively new start up company we had a very tight budget and limited supporting systems. With Neil’s advice and experience we were able to set our focus on our key target markets and industries, backed up with a sound business strategy and sensible systems. We are now seeing the results and have successfully come through the start-up phase and are now winning major projects overseas.”

Carey West – Owner & Director, Loadscan Ltd

Next Steps

If this resonates and you are comfortable with the quality of information on this site then let’s Get Started with Module 1, with a Money Back Guarantee and Module cost of only NZ$450.


Alternatively I  will be delighted to have an exploratory conversation. Simply click on the link below to book a time suitable for you.

Our conversation will NOT be a “sales call”. You can leave your credit card at home because you won’t be asked for it. The call is simply an honest and open two-way exploration of whether I can help you.