Can I pick and choose between the different programs?


Yes, there are a number of choices. We are totally flexible to meet your needs, budget and time-frames. Why not make a call to us to discuss your particular requirements?

What are the payment arrangements?


Fixed pricing, agreed up front, to avoid hidden surprises.


Many of our services qualify for financial support under the NZTE Capability Voucher Program.


All our Programs provide Guarantees.


Will the service be available when I need it?


Absolutely. Timely delivery is a key operating principle.

What makes Globalise different?


We ‘cut to the chase’.


We are not prescriptive in our approach.


We are not paper thin. Neil and his wider team are credible, experienced operators with proven track records of success.


We target and select those that are serious on developing their business and who operate in markets that we are comfortable in.

How can we check out your claims?


Please refer to the testimonials on this web site or LinkedIn, Additionally feel free to talk with Globalise clients to check us out direct!

Am I tied in to lengthy contracts?


No, you can terminate at any time should you feel that we are not adding value; subject to paying for completed services.