“An Hour with Neil” !!!


For Small & Medium Sized businesses

who need to tap into Neil’s experience


If you are a relative start-up, or a more seasoned player, but:

  • struggling & frustrated;
  • needing a fresh look at your growth strategies & activity;
  • needing straight forward advice on how to solve particular problems;
  • need to bounce your ideas and challenges off someone with proven expertise and experience in growing companies.

… then “an hour with Neil” session can be just what you are looking for !

Here’s what you can expect:

  • To the point, highly professional, and no-nonsense advice, all based on real international experience.
  • You can work with Neil from anywhere in the world (where you have a decent internet connection).
  • You can arrange for one or more sessions as you may need, and are not locked into any retainer or lengthy contract.
  • Total commitment from Neil to find solutions – if he does not have the immediate answers, he will tap into his extensive professional network and get the advice you need.
  • A money back guarantee should you not be satisfied!
  • The confidence in knowing that Neil has a great reputation, and you can speak directly to his clients to check him out!

What others have to say …

“I have been working with Neil for nearly 12 months now on the “Hour with Neil” sessions, which we hold typically for 1 to 2 hours monthly. It works extremely well for me:  (1) It makes me regularly come up for air and take stock on where my business is at, what strategies and activities are working, and what has to be addressed. (2)  It brings a good degree of accountability to me as the owner, speaking to an independent, and one that is not shy (in a nice way) to ask the hard questions and take me from my comfort zone (3) Neil has heaps of experience at senior management and coalface levels, and I walk away from every session with new ideas and practical advice that is paying dividends for my business. (4) The on-line approach is very easy to use, and I actually find that it is more focused and productive than than the usual sit down ‘face to face’ meeting. We share the screen … I capture on the spot actions that I need to take … and we review this at the start of every new session. I certainly recommend Neil to other similar business owners or senior managers.”

Niki Johnstone – Managing Director N2P Controls

“Before we started working with Neil, we were far too broad in our approach and lacked focus. We were trying to get our product into many markets throughout the world, and as a relatively new start up company we had a very tight budget and limited supporting systems. With Neil’s advice and experience we were able to set our focus on our key target markets and industries, backed up with a sound business strategy and sensible systems. We are now seeing the results and have successfully come through the start-up phase and are now winning major projects overseas.”

Carey West – Owner & Director, Loadscan Ltd

“I’ve been working with Neil since 2014.  We started with some initial discovery sessions, then quickly moved onto stress-testing key elements of the current business strategy.  This was a great approach for coming up with a practical plan for targeting areas of risk and opportunity without feeling like there’s a mountain to climb.  This then set the stage for short and sharp web sessions every 2 or 3 weeks, where we check-in on progress and direction.  I would highly recommend Neil as a business coach and mentor.  I really like his practical approach and appreciate the direction he has provided me through his wealth of knowledge and experience in business.”

Mark Foster – Managing Director, Revisia Ltd

“We brought Neil into our business in an advisory role about 18 months ago. Initially helping us to develop a 5 year strategic plan, he is now assisting us in executing it. His experience with taking NZ business to the world has been invaluable as we develop our export plan and take our business to the world.. Neil is a good fit with our organisation as his straight up and his no BS attitude is refreshing. I would recommend Neil and his “Growthology” program to anyone looking to expand their business internationally.”

Mike Hannah – Owner & Managing Director – Stormwater360


So, what are you waiting for …

“An Hour with Neil” will give you the opportunity to tap into his real experience:


  • Leading small & medium sized engineering based manufacturing companies in General Manager & CEO positions.
  • Strategically re-shaping and delivering sustained company growth.
  • Living and working in Australasia, USA and the UK.
  • Positioning, negotiating, and winning targeted work in Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, South America.
  • Negotiating robust & effective commercial agreements, licences & contracts with customers, suppliers, agents & distributors.
  • Developing very high performing teams across management, sales & marketing, distribution channels, and operations; including individual development plans and succession planning.
  • Introducing sensible systems to help ‘keep your finger on the pulse’ with important indicators, including Profit & Loss, margins, sales levels, pipeline inquiries, inventory, creditors & debtors, real costs
  • Working as a lead Business Development Manager for New Zealand’s Export Trade & Promotion Government Agency (in the earlier years).
  • Working as a leading Business Coach for the last 8 years with SME business owners from a variety of sectors, and at at different stages of growth.

Benefit from Neil’s 30+ years of real international experience!


A few more kind words!

“Neil was my CEO of Glidepath Group for 6 years from 1997 to 2003, an extremely high growth and successful period for my company.

Highlights were:

– his strategic approach to reposition our company to be a lead supplier and contractor in target markets with expert turnkey capability in our field of designers, manufacturers and installers of airport baggage handling and security systems in a global market

– under Neil’s leadership we entered new markets in South America and Canada. Neil displayed his expertise in sales and marketing, high level negotiating and contracting a number of milestone projects at Vancouver, Toronto, Santiago and a whole string of other lesser but important airports.

– during his tenure he set us up for continuing international growth and success. I can recommend Neil as an extremely competent marketing and exporting executive.”

Sir Ken Stevens KNZM          Chairman – Glidepath Limited

“Neil is an extremely capable and proven leader in his field. Over a 3 year period, Neil was my General Manager/Vice President for North America, responsible for developing our strategic and operational approach – all resulting in winning our first projects in the North American market. Additionally, Neil took the lead role in positioning our company, negotiating and winning a multi-million dollar project in a related but new sector market for us in NZ. He is highly experienced; he inspires, and he delivers!”

Pat Teo – CEO BCS Group

“Having already achieved significant success across the Engineering, Manufacturing, International Sales and Management, Neil Sayer has added significant value while Quadbeam Technologies worked through a process of Strategic Review and Planning. Additionally Neil has provided excellent support and review in the development of a specific and large project. Put simply, his extensive knowledge and experience has provided us huge value! His Growthology Program is a must: it is easy to use, timely and delivers quick results.”

Geoff Letcher – Owner & Director, Quadbeam Technologies Ltd



A sliding scale: depending upon circumstances, company size and stage of development. We also look at sources for Government grant funding.


Money Back Guarantee  

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied !


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