At last a Business Coaching service that delivers, wherever you live, and whatever stage you are at !

Globalise was formed in 2009 as a leading Business Coaching and Consultancy practice working with SME business owners and management teams in the manufacturing and engineering space; companies who design/make their own products, and whether they are start ups or more established.

Globalise is spearheaded by Neil Sayer, with the experience, expertise, drive and passion to seriously make a difference for business owners who need help to grow and sustain their business.

His vision is “to be a timely and leading source of inspiration and help for SME businesses who strive but struggle to grow their businesses on the international stage”.


So, if you are serious about growing your business – whether through exporting; or first by building a strong home base – then talking to Globalise could literally be the spark towards a brighter more successful future.




Here’s why:

  • Most of us are pressed for time for new ideas, let alone new strategies to grow or save money or to alleviate immediate problems, stress and tension. We are often too close to the business and set in our ways.


  • But imagine having access to proven specialists in key business areas at an affordable price, and without having them on the payroll!


  • Imagine the difference they can make, for example, to help you:


  • Develop an appropriate business model and a dynamic business Growth Plan, leveraging real practical experience to deliver real results;


  • Identify, position and enter export markets without losing focus at home;


  • Structure your business for growth offshore and to mitigate tax liability;


  • Market and increase sales through the door;


  • ‘Have a good nights sleep’ – by keeping your finger on the pulse of key operational and financial indicators, including cash flow;


  • Manage and run effective teams, with the right people in the right chairs, motivated and performing well;


  • Develop effective R&D programs to build market share and to leapfrog the competition; and


  • Negotiate commercial robust deals and contracts


Neil works with you to tailor and roll out solutions through a range of on line based Programs that give the option of one on one help and group participation.

  • The Growthology Gold Program

    To provide a realistic, tailored and dynamic Growth Plan that works.

  • The Growthology Essentials Program

    For immediate & lifetime access to all the Growthology modules and Growthology group events.

  • “An Hour with Neil” sessions

    To provide you with instant ‘troubleshooting’ advice to help resolve your challenges; to bounce your ideas off; and keep you on track!

  • “Hands-On” Help

    For those “special projects” or assignments that you need serious help to deal with and sort!


And where necessary he brings in additional  expertise from his extensive professional network.


Neil’s skills and expertise has been gained through having “been there and done that,” having faced the full array of business challenges in today’s highly competitive and volatile world.


You will not be disappointed!


  • Globalise can literally be the catalyst for overdue change.


  • Neil is highly credible – having done the hard yards, with testimonials to back up his expertise and approach


  • All programs are flexible. Globalise can help you achieve your longer term growth aspirations … or troubleshoot to solve current ‘roadblock’ issues.


  • You work at your own pace .


  • Neil cuts to the chase, saving time and money. He is pragmatic, practical, and fun to work with.


  • The approach is simple and not over-complicated.


  • You will quickly gain traction and see improved results.


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