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My vision is to “inspire, lead, and practically help SME business owners wherever they are to achieve their business aspirations, while freeing them up for a more balanced life.”

A key foundation for this vision is the Growthology program which I have developed to leverage my experience and success, and to share with SME business owners in the manufacturing space – wherever they may be, and at whatever stage of the journey they are at.

So, whether you are working in your domestic market; or perhaps pondering “should I export” ; or whether you are already exporting and looking to improve performance – the Growthology program could literally be the start towards a brighter more successful future.


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Here’s why:

  • Most of us are pressed for time for new ideas, let alone new strategies to grow or save money or to alleviate immediate problems, stress and tension. We are often too close to the business and set in our ways.


  • But imagine having access to a proven performer at an affordable price who can call on specialists in key business areas if needed; and who is probably supported with up to 50% government grant funding to help save costs


  • Imagine the difference for you, for example:


  • Find your way through the mass of opportunities with clear direction and focus


  • Export to reduce your reliance on a limited domestic market


  • Market and increase sales through the door … imagine doubling or trebling your revenue


  • Financially structure your business for growth and to mitigate tax liability;


  • Keep the finger on the pulse of key operational and financial indicators;


  • Manage and run effective teams, with the right people in the right chairs, motivated and performing well; allowing you to free up time to nurture relationships at home and pursue outside interests


  • Access funding to help develop effective R&D programs to build market share and to leapfrog the competition;


  • Transform new product ideas into commercial success, with help through the development process, commercial strategies and planning to take new products to market; and


  • Structure commercially robust deals and contracts, including agency, distributor and license agreements


So please take time to watch the following introduction to myself, and check out my testimonials, as I believe that it is important for you to gain an understanding and confidence in my range of expertise and approach.



With Growthology we do not look at one strategy in isolation. Rather we take an integrated approach to take into account your wider business model. Seldom is there a single silver bullet!

Take the first step and explore the Growthology Program further. Just take a few seconds to contact me and I will send you further information on the 12 week program: key benefits, the content, pricing.


Benefit from my 30+ years’ experience in senior roles in the project contracting and manufacturing environment in NZ, Australia, the Americas, and the U.K, plus the last 8 years as a leading Business Coach working with SME business owners.

  • My main ‘claim for fame’ is 6 years as CEO of award winning baggage handling company Glidepath – leading them through a period of major change and unprecedented growth and team development ; including significant capability development; expansion into new export markets, and a series of wins for major international projects. Check out the testimonial from Sir Ken Stevens, owner of Gildepath!


  • As your lynch pin, I bring in additional business expertise if and when needed from the wider team that he has aligned with.


  • My skills and expertise are wide and comprehensive, having faced the full array of business challenges in today’s highly competitive and volatile world.


  • I offer solutions that are sound, proven and practical – based on solid experience.


  • My approach is pragmatic, open, sincere, uncomplicated, and not prescriptive. We will cut to the chase and deliver, with Growthology as a catalyst for change.



You will not be disappointed!

Couple of snaps from the earlier days:

Neil & Helen Clark
Neil 'fronting' NZ Business magazine!

… and recently as Business Mentor & Judge of Export NZ 2017 Export Awards:
Judge for Export NZ 2017 Awards 1


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