50 Point Checklist – grow your business by say $2-3M within 3 years, whether at home or in export markets

50 Point Implementation Checklist

For SME business owners who are serious about growing their business by say $2-3M within 3 years, at home or in export markets

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Working as a Business Coach, I have recently used the following Checklist (and others) as a small part of my Growthology program to help one of my clients, Stormwater360, to take stock of their Growth Plan; and to particularly help with the phasing in of a new General Manager into their operation. By working through the Checklist they have been able to assess whether they are on track; strength areas to be leveraged; gaps to plug; and clear roles, responsibilities and accountability moving forward.

The feedback has been great, prompting me to share further!

Recognize the importance of having a Structured, but flexible, Plan

 I understand the importance of having a Strategic/Business Plan as the blueprint for company growth; the platform to help set out a clear path and deliver business goals.
 My Plan is updated & documented.
 My Plan has team buy-in
 We embrace change, particularly to respond to changing market needs & conditions

Review & refine your growth aspirations

 I have a clear & inspiring Vision.
 Key stakeholders understand, appreciate and can align to the Vision.
 We have clear Core Values by which we wish to consistently operate & be known.
 We are true to our Core Values.
 We have higher level goals for the business, both short & medium/long term.
 Goals are realistic & measurable

Review your current Business Model & how it is working

 I understand the key elements of a Business Model, the “Business Model Canvass”.
 I know what is working well to leverage & areas to be improved with my Business Model.
 I have a process for regular review with key stakeholders – internal & external.
 My assessments are objective and balanced.

Choose the right planning platform

 My Plan is not a static document, gathering dust. Rather, it is a live & practical tool.
 I have reviewed a good range of planning tools options (e.g. Cascade).
 My Planning platform meets key criteria: e.g. easy access & visibility for key colleagues; ease of use; scheduling & key milestones; ‘snap shot’ progress reports; delegated authorities.

Decide the Focus Areas to work on moving forward

 I have accurately captured the areas across my Business Model that need attention.
 I know what the key “Focus Areas” are for my Growth Plan.
 Realistic priorities have been discussed, set & agreed with team involvement.

In particular:
 I have a clear, differentiated and credible Value Proposition
 I have identified my target ‘ideal customers’.
 I am targeting the right market(s) with sustainable revenue streams & have considered whether I need to expand or refine my market choices – for better margin/less risk.
 I have considered whether I need to ‘spark-up’ my current Product/Service offering – to catch up/leap-frog the competition, and whether I need new Product/Service.
 I have the effective Distribution Model(s), and effectively manage my sales team, agents, distributors etc.
 We win targeted business – with good ‘brand’ market presence, & we have real capability to position & win targeted work.
 We have the Capability & Capacity for Growth – across financial management & funding; operations; HR and systems – to meet increasing levels of sales & to manage risk.
 My team is one of real expertise, talent & motivated

Ignite your Growth Plan

For each Focus Area, my Plan captures:
 sensible goals
 strategies, with key tasks
 activities
 schedule & milestones
 budget
 responsibility & accountability, with sensible & measurable KPI’s

Finger on the Pulse

 I have regular visibility on progress for each of my Focus Areas
 I have identified the key elements of my business that I must have a good handle on “to get a good nights’ sleep” e.g.:
 Cash Flow
 Sales Pipeline
 Sales conversion/success rates
 Health & Safety
 Productivity
 Margins
 Team performance/motivation
 Competitor activity
 Meeting customer timeframes
 Quality
 Other

 I have systems in place to ensure that I get visibility on these key areas when needed – quarterly, monthly, weekly, immediately.
 Meetings
 User friendly, to the point Reporting
 My team have delegated authorities & accountability
 We manage our time effectively, e.g. using Robyn Pearce at Getting a Grip.
 We operate on a ‘no surprises’ basis.

Rate each Checklist item to help identify areas for digging deeper & priority attention


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Neil leads our team with over 30 years experience guiding companies both large and small to commercial success on the international stage. He is passionate, curious and known for his down-to- earth style and love of life. He has worked in a variety of commercial, business development, and leadership roles in the private and public sectors in New Zealand, Australia, North America and the U.K, and has been helping SME companies since 2009 under the wing of his own coaching business. If you need a hand, give him a call on 0800 000 758

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