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Hi and welcome. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess who you are. Well, not exactly who you are, but what makes you tick!  Here we go:


– you need fresh ideas, solutions and improved results


– you lack clear direction & focus, & you are coming up short on your goals & aspirations


– you are failing to win targeted business


– you are suffering from too low margins & unacceptable risk


– you work long hours; with limited support and expertise


–  you are frustrated; & feeling that it is all too hard


… but you are not a quitter and your passion still runs high !


If I’ve just described you then I’m delighted to say that whatever your budget; whatever your stage with business development; and wherever you are in the world … then you have finally found the answer you’re looking for. 


If you are like a lot of Business Owners who I work with then you’ll want a proven, highly credible, and practical source of help.


Growthology is just that, with options to fit your stage of development:


The 12 weeks Growthology Program to provide a realistic, tailored and dynamic Growth Plan that works.

“An Hour with Neil” sessions – to provide you with instant ‘troubleshooting’ advice to help resolve your challenges; to bounce your ideas off; and keep you on track! 

“Hands- On Help” – for those “special projects” or assignments that you need serious help to deal with and sort! 


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